Alliott EMEA conference in Budapest

Sora & Associates participated at 2022 EMEA Conference of Alliott Global Alliance which took place starting from 15 of May 2022 at Corinthia Hotel Budapest from the beautiful city of Budapest from Hungary.
This event was hosted by Alliott Global Alliance, in cooperation with Feher Legal and Tax.

The meeting was warmly received by more of 100 participants happy to meet again after two years of delays caused by COVID pandemic.


 About Alliott Global Alliance


Founded in 1979, and with 215 member firms in 95 countries, Alliott Global Alliance is an international alliance of independent, law, accounting, and specialist advisory firms, working across the world Together as One. Each of our members share a common goal: to learn and share knowledge, resources, and opportunities to make the world smaller and their businesses stronger.

Alliott Global Alliance is expanding fast, and the alliance has its sights set firmly on growing its legal and accounting membership to 100 countries. Opportunities are available to independent professional firms in Central and Southern America and in specific countries in Europe, China, the ASEAN region, Australasia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council region. For information about membership – email

In Romania, SORA & Associates – Attorneys at law – is the member law firm of ALLIOTT GLOBAL ALLIANCE since its admission in 2019 after 8 years of cooperation with another prestigious alliance.



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