Start a Career


Start A Career

We are always looking for associates that can adapt to our way of doing things and most importantly, to our way of thinking, because before being lawyers we are people, and the way we think is what defines us.

For students willing to learn we offer internships which are a good opportunity to start a professional relationship which can lead to a career in the legal field.

We are not giving you tests but, we feel it is necessary to have a trial period starting from a week to a month, this way both parties will be able to better understand if they are compatible, if both parties can benefit from this relationship, and most importantly if you have that spark necessary for building a future career in the legal area… we are talking about Passion!

We really think that Passion is the difference between having a job and having a Career!

We are looking for people with different backgrounds and we think that every person can have a chance, even it was not admitted in the Bar, if it is passionate enough.

However, even the list below is not eliminatory but it will consist an advantage:

  • Good command of English, written and spoken, any other language will be a plus.
  • Good behaviour during Law School, articles written/published or participation to debates will be a plus.
  • A professional presentation, this criteria includes an Internet check too.

The Future Starts Now!

Author: Radu Sora



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