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Daniela Cocosila


Daniela COCOSILA – Of Counsel Lawyer

Clear and Precise

Daniela Cocosila is a lawyer you will like immediately for her very professional style of talking and behavior, in general.

She has experience as entrepreneur and she graduated an MBA organized by the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa – MBA – Romanian – Canadian Master of Business Administration, so she has a good understanding of the business environment and of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

She worked closely with companies active in the field of construction and real estate development, knowing in detail the construction law and the specific procedures in this field.

She is a good listener and she is clear and precise.

She works mainly in commercial and company law, construction law, labor law and trademark law.

Daniela Cocosila is performing litigation activities related to debt recovery and insolvency procedures, but in the same time she is proficient in activities pertaining to legal advice in corporate matters.

Daniela has a strong passion for law which is not only a profession but a reason to be.


Daniela speaks English, Spanish and Romanian.


Romanian Bar Association


Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B.) in Law from the Law Faculty from University of Bucharest.