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Aniela Sora


Ambition For Excellence

Aniela Mihaela Sora is Partner Lawyer of Sora & Asociatii.

Thanks to her, Sora & Asociatii thrives on excellence and continued process of improvement and innovation. It is an ambitious lawyer capable to undertake complex projects due to an amazing memory and analytic mind.

She has been with the company since 2009 and since then she has been involved in the field of commercial company law, commercial litigation and arbitration, fiscal litigation, public procurement, as well as in the case of debt recovery and insolvency proceedings.

Aniela Sora obtained remarkable results in the field of fiscal litigation, where she covered the entire range of services, starting from consulting during fiscal control, continuing with administrative appeals and then in court, where she canceled abusive decisions issued by various institutions belonging to ANAF or the Ministry of Finance .

In the last ten years, Aniela Sora also represented first-hand companies in arbitration or insolvency proceedings and specialized in the field of public procurement, having the capacity of expert in public procurement.

Aniela Sora is a lawyer with extraordinary attention to detail, who treats each case as a personal one and who has a natural inclination towards excellence, perfection and success.


She graduated the Faculty of Law from Transilvania University from Brasov. She followed, also, the Business Law Master program from University Titu Maiorescu from Bucharest. The public acquisitions expert quality was obtained after she graduated courses certificated by the Ministry of Education.


She speaks English, Italian, French and Romanian.