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We have clients in the field of road freight transport, oil and rail transport, maritime and shipping law including expedition houses for more than 15 years. In fact, the field of transport was the first specialization of the Law Firm.

Recently, in the last three years, we have worked also for clients trying to get material and moral damages from aviation companies and in this respect we have a very good knowledge regarding the litigation and negotiation/settlement procedure from the aviation area.

We represent our clients in litigation before specialized maritime and shipping courts with experience in complex cases involving combined knowledge of international law, international arbitration, merchandise and / or ship insurance, specific legislation of countries with a tradition in shipping (maritime and river transport).

International Arbitration in the field of shipping is one of the most important activities of our Law Firm. We are representing our clients in multiparty arbitration cases before international institutions which work with various rules such as ICC, Vienna or UNCITRAL rules of arbitration.

In the field of road and naval transport we have worked both for goods insurers and for transporters, including expedition houses.

In fact, we represented all entities involved in the industry, including shipowners and charterers, P&I Clubs, banks, international agencies, shipyards, marine insurance underwriters, governments and brokers.

Our experience concerns both the field of water and road transport damages. We have experience in the field of transport labor disputes both on the side of the carriers and on the side of the trade unions involved in negotiations or litigations in various industries.

At the same time, the Law Firm offers representation and legal assistance services in the field of defense of its carrier customers by successfully contesting the reports establishing sanctions for violation of the overweight gauge, the special transport authorization (AST), rules relevant from GO 19/1997 on the transport regime, GO 43/1997 on the road regime or other incidents.

Also, consultancy services in the field of road and maritime transport law, drafting, reviewing transport contracts, obtaining permits, authorizations are an important part of the Law Firm’s legal experience.