Public Procurement

Public Procurement

Public Procurement Refers To The Process By Which Public Authorities, Such As Government Departments Or Local Authorities, Purchase Work, Goods Or Services From Private Or Other Public Companies

Our advice covers all stages of a public tender, from the initial structuring phase, including legislative and regulatory issues, the development of the procedure, up to the point of contract negotiations as well as contract performance issues.

We provide legal assistance for both public authorities (e.g. preparing tender books and offers, drafting works, services and concession contracts) and private operators and investors (drafting applications and bids, obtaining clarifications during tender procedures, administrative and judicial claims).

However, our main activity is to represent our clients’ interests in front of the National Council for Solving Complaints (Romanian: Consiliul National pentru Solutionarea Contestatiilor – CNSC).

Our lawyers have obtained, through hard work and dedication, a significant number of expert qualifications in the field of Public Procurement.

We were especially successful in challenging public authorities’ decisions in important cases concerning areas such as construction, medical equipment supply, IT and education, but we also have a vast experience in almost all other fields of public procurement from Romania.


Va recomandam sa ne cereti ajutorul din momentul in care decideti participarea la o licitatie publica pentru a va cunoaste drepturile de care dispuneti pe parcursul licitatiilor si in special in momentul deschiderii ofertelor atunci cand practic se incheie procesul verbal care consemneaza participarea dumneavoastra si a competitorilor dumneavoastra la licitatia in cauza. In acest sens putem sa va consiliem si cu privire la faptul indeplinirii conditiilor de calificare in ceea ce ii priveste pe competitori si sa va ajutam sa le contestati dreptul de participare daca acestia nu au fost eliminati de autoritatea contractanta desi conditiile legale nu sunt indeplinite de acestia.

Consiliul National de Solutionare al Contestatiilor  ( CNSC ) este autoritatea unde se vor putea depune contestatiile in cazul in care considerati ca o decizie a Autoritatii contractante este nelegala. Aceasta autoritate este considerata un exemplu de impartialitate in domeniu si drept urmare veti avea toate sansele sa obtineti solutia legala in urma promovarii unei contestatii intemeiate.

In continuare daca decizia va este nefavorabila, veti putea cu ajutorul nostru sa contestati decizia acesteia in instanta la Curtea de apel competenta. Cunoastem procedura in detaliu si suntem gata sa va ajutam daca veti considera ca drepturile dumneavoastra au fost incalcate sau gresit interpretate de Autoritatea contractanta si de catre CNSC.