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Construction Law

Construction Law

Construction lawyers 

Our lawyers specialize in construction. Our lawyers working in the field of construction have negotiated contracts for the execution of highways and national roads. They worked for Road and Bridge Builders and Designers. Our lawyers have helped builders or designers to participate and win public tenders in the field of construction. We worked against, both with local or central public institutions that manage civil or road infrastructure, including with the National Company of National Highways and Roads of Romania (National Company for Road Infrastructure Management) CNADNR (CNAIR). We have represented road and bridge designers and won for them in litigation and arbitration against internationally renowned builders. 

Our strongest weapon is that we have lawyers who understand technical issues in the field of construction and, consequently, we are qualified to supervise the entire procedure that takes place in front of an Arbitration Tribunal or a National Court in case of Litigation.

Our lawyers represented clients in international arbitrations held before ICC Paris or before the International Commercial Arbitration Court attached to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

 We have concrete experience in the field: 

Negotiation / Modification of Enterprise Contracts 

Drafting / Negotiating / Modifying Design Contracts 

Assistance and Representation before the Dispute Adjudication Commission (DAB) FIDIC 1999 

or the FIDIC 2017 Dispute Avoidance / Adjudication Commission (DAAB) 

Representations in International Arbitration 

Representations in claims based on FIDIC 

We may provide our clients with evidence of our experience in Construction Arbitration because, in all cases, our opponents have promoted and lost the Annulment Action when they tried to set aside the arbitral award, the evidence being public, displayed on the website of the competent courts.

Consequently, if you work in the field of construction, we invite you to work with lawyers specialized in this field, “CONSTRUCTION LAWYERS” being the most suitable for this field.