Sora & Associates Legal Team – Successful in complex arbitration case

SORA & ASSOCIATES has successfully represented a design engineering company for roads and highways in an arbitration started by a reputed construction company.

The claim of the construction company started as being superior of EURO 11 (eleven) million but in the end the claim was only for nearly EURO 10 (ten) million and it consisted from a complex arbitration case that lasted more than 3 years and a half.

The arbitration court confirmed the arguments of SORA & ASSOCIATES and rejected the claims of the construction company.

The case dealt with FIDIC rules and the arbitrators accepted financial and technical expert reports which were necessary in order to bring light into the complicated relations between the parties and the main beneficiary.

Finally, even the Bucharest Tribunal was involved in the arbitration case which helped a lot the position of the respondent in regards with the claimant arguments.

Congratulations to Andrei Bodescu, Aniela Sora and Rocsana Barbulescu which formed the team that worked on this project coordinated by Radu Valentin Sora.



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