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Radu Sora


Lawyer And Arbitrator

Radu Sora serves as the Managing Lawyer at the Corporate Law Firm, where he brings extensive expertise in several legal areas, including technology and IT law, real estate and construction law, focusing on FIDIC contracts, procurement law, and competition law. His expertise also spans energy law, employment law, media and advertising law, transportation law, public procurement and acquisitions, debt recovery, insolvency proceedings, as well as litigation and arbitration.

Currently, Mr. Sora, along with his team, is actively engaged in International Arbitration cases, representing clients in intricate proceedings, particularly in construction disputes related to FIDIC contracts and commercial disputes in sectors such as real estate, transportation, privatization, and energy.

In addition to leading the law firm, Mr. Sora has served as a Romanian Arbitrator at The Court of International Commercial Arbitration affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania. 

He also holds the position of arbitrator at the Professional Arbitration Court associated with the Bucharest Bar Association, where he plays a crucial role in resolving disputes among lawyers from the Bucharest Bar Association, acting as a sole arbitrator, chairman, or a member of an arbitration panel.

Mr. Radu Sora is recognized as an arbitration practitioner at the Vienna International Arbitration Center ( He has also had the distinguished honor and responsibility of translating the last three official versions of the Vienna Rules of Arbitration and Mediation into Romanian.

A member of the Bucharest Bar Association, Mr. Sora is also affiliated with the International Bar Association (IBA), the world’s leading organization of international legal practitioners.

He is an alumnus of Nicolae Titulescu University in Bucharest, where he graduated from the Faculty of Law. Furthermore, he holds a degree from Kennesaw State University in Georgia, United States, certifying his completion of courses on United States of America Courtroom legal proceedings.

Mr. Sora has completed Mediator training courses organized by the Foundation of Democratic Changes and pursued an English language Master’s program in International Arbitration at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. He earned his Master of Laws with a thesis titled “Extension of the Arbitration Agreement to Non-signatory Parties under Romanian Law and Court of International Commercial Arbitration Rules,” which explores the potential for extending an arbitration agreement to non-signatory parties under Romanian legislation in conjunction with the Arbitration Rules of the Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

Public Appointments

Since 2023, for a four-year term, Mr. Radu Sora has been elected to various positions by the General Assembly of lawyers from the Bucharest Bar Association, including:

Member of the Lawyers Disciplinary Tribunal of the Bucharest Bar Association.

Alternate member of the governing body of the Bucharest Bar Association.

Censor of the National Insurance House of Lawyers – Bucharest Ilfov Branch.

Alternate member of the administration board of National Insurance House of Lawyers – Bucharest Ilfov Branch.


Mr. Sora is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Romanian.

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