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We Protect Your Immigration Rights

Our team of dedicated professionals can offer comprehensive advice to our clients on matters concerning immigration in Romania. Our expertise regarding the immigration regime for foreigners in Romania includes:

-Sora Lawyers offers consultancy and analysis related to the documentation concerning the employment of EU third-country nationals in Romania.

-Sora Lawyers provides consultancy to assist in filing applications for obtaining work permits, residence permits, etc., from Romanian authorities.

-Sora Lawyers services encompass consultancy, drafting, and the submission of prior procedures in front of the competent Romanian immigration authority in cases of appeals against the refusal to issue a work permit.

-Sora Lawyers offer representation, consultancy and assistance for individuals seeking asylum, refugee status, or subsidiary protection in Romania.

-Sora Lawyers provides consultancy, drafting, and representation for the submission of prior procedures regarding documents issued by Consular Offices and Diplomatic Missions in Romania.

-Sora Laywers services extend to consultancy, drafting, and representation for the submission of appeals against return decisions issued by the Romanian General Inspectorate of Immigration.

-Sora Lawyers ensures representation before the competent Romanian courts to contest legal sanctions issued against employing companies.

-Sora Lawyers provides legal assistance and representation before Romanian competent authorities, consular offices, and diplomatic missions.

-Sora Lawyers offers legal assistance and representation in Romanian courts.

-Sora Lawyers handles all necessary procedures before Romanian authorities to effectively enforce court decisions.

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