Romanian gas market opens for EU companies

New legislation allows EU based natural gas traders to operate on the Romanian markets without having to establish local company or branch

As part of a recent series of amendments to the energy legislation, the Romanian authorities have implemented a special procedure which allows economic operators, based in an EU member state, which have a valid license issued by the competent authority from the EU member state, to register on the Romanian natural gas markets as a trader.

These amendments are part of the Romanian officials’ strategy for the liberalization of the gas market in the context set by the completion of the offshore gas projects in the Black Sea.

With the Romanian efforts in the completion of the BRUA or ROHUAT pipeline on the cusp of yield, anticipating an inauguration of the first phase of the project in late 2019, the Romanian natural gas market is becoming more and more enticing for traders in this sector.

The BRUA pipeline will allow Romania to transition from the country-specific low-pressure system into a high-pressure grid.

This in turn, would allow access to future major gas infrastructure projects and would also help to service Black Sea gas sources.

The recent legislation regarding EU member state gas traders to operate on the Romanian gas markets without having to register local companies or branches is considered as a long overdue step.

In light of the impending completion of the liberalization of the Romanian gas market, we anticipate that the trading platforms will in turn become more mature and ready to offer a variety of services.

Romania could very well be on its way to becoming a regional player in the gas market, provided the investors keep receiving support from the policymakers.

Romania has finally opened its gas market which creates the opportunity of a good business for all EU traders.

In this respect, SORA & ASOCIATII law firm is ready to assist, advise, help or represent any EU gas trader company to register as such on the Romanian natural gas market.

Please be informed that SORA & ASOCIATII law firm already started the procedures for important players implicated in the gas market trade and we aim to help all entities that have such needs.



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