The Proper Application


The Proper Application

Usually, the first thing we see is your e-mail address. You have to keep it simple and it should contain your name as the applicant. You would not believe the names of e-mails, or aliases, we received together with an application for internship or a position in our firm. E-mails or aliases like crazyf****r or meowgirl or pinkb***h are not the proper presentation for a future lawyer. We do not say a lawyer should be stiff and dead but he should pay attention to details.

Also, the e-mail should come from you not from your friend or parent. There were some situations when the request came from a parent because the “little child” cannot or want not to work or there is no way that “the child” should be taken seriously. But if a child cannot control a parent which can do its own mistakes, there is no way for a future lawyer to let somebody else speak for her/himself.

Attached to the e-mail there is always a CV and/or a letter of intention. Please check the spelling always. Check the names of the people you are asking to hire. Check everything. We received a resume once with a picture of another person than the applicant, or with other data.

The resume should be simple and should not contain in the chapter professional experience irelevant activities such as “I waited tables for two months…” this should be at other activity chapter. Even if you do not have any practical experience, if you were in a Law School it is impossible to not participate to some conferences or some academic events. Write about them. Write about why you like the  law or what do you think, ideally, the law should be. Why you followed Law School it will be  very interesting topic. Why you chose a particular law firm to made the application it will be very interesting too. It will show to the future reader that you put some effort in the application and he will be interested to see you.

If you are a beginner I do not say not to use templates. It will be very hard to create one by yourself but even if you will use template we say:

Be creative! Use templates but try to add a personal note to everything you do!

Author: Radu Sora



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